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Solution For Coffee Roasters

The Cortado Project understands the unique challenges facing coffee roasters. Whether you're looking to showcase your coffee lines, tell the story of their sources or highlight the nuances of each bean, our solution is designed to meet your needs.

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Showcase Your Coffees

Every coffee you roast is unique. Our online store architecture is designed to showcase these nuances with features such as variety display, country of origin, producer name, process and more. This enables your customers to understand, compare and order your coffees with intuitive ease.

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A coffee bag 20$
Guatemala 1720m Washed Light
One-time purchase Monthly delivery -10% Weekly delivery -20%

Subscriptions: Coffee directly to your customers

Offer your customers the convenience of having their favorite coffee delivered to their door on a regular basis. With our subscription solution, you can build customer loyalty, while offering a seamless shopping experience.

Shopify Ecommerce

At the heart of The Cortado Project lies the power of Shopify, the most recognized e-commerce platform. By combining our specific expertise in the coffee industry with the flexibility of Shopify, we offer a high-performance and secure solution.

With Shopify, you benefit from simplified order management, payment integration and an infrastructure that's ready to grow with your ambitions.

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Adapted Marketing

Local Search Engine Optimization

Reach out to your local potential customers with our SEO optimization based on your local data. Your website isn't just for online sales, it's also a gateway to more foot traffic in your store.

Email Marketing

Optimize your conversion rate and average order value by implementing an email marketing strategy. Our customized automations will help you maximize the use of your customer data.

B2B Solutions

Simplify Your Orders

Beyond individual customers, you can more easily manage your business orders. Whether it's for coffee shops, restaurants or businesses, our B2B solution is designed to help you establish, develop and facilitate your business relationships.

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How much does it cost?

The Cortado Project's goal being to maximize the accessibility of modern and high-performance online stores, we made sure to offer you solutions adapted to your needs and budget.

The whole thing costs $2,500.

We reuse the content of your current website (texts, images, descriptions, etc.) or ask you to write us texts that describe your company well. We then optimize your texts to ensure optimal SEO performance.

Finally, we create a unique visual identity for your company and deliver you a turnkey performant and optimized online store..

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