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Your coffee business, propelled.

Did you know that a high-performance and up-to-date store can not only increase your online sales for coffee and equipment, but also boost your in-store traffic?

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A Shopify agency on caffeine

The Cortado Project is a promise to improve the online presence of companies in the coffee industry. Out of a passion for web development, for local business and for specialty coffee, we embarked on the ambitious project of creating an architecture specifically for people in the coffee business. And we succeeded!

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Ecommerce performance

The performance of your online store directly influences your organic search engine optimization, better known as SEO.

That's why we focus on store performance, with a powerful architecture that's fast, simple and efficient to meet Google's requirements at all times.

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How much does it cost?

The Cortado Project's goal being to maximize the accessibility of modern and high-performance online stores, we made sure to offer you solutions adapted to your needs and budget.

The whole thing costs $2,500.

We reuse the content of your current website (texts, images, descriptions, etc.) or ask you to write us texts that describe your company well. We then optimize your texts to ensure optimal SEO performance.

Finally, we create a unique visual identity for your company and deliver you a turnkey performant and optimized online store..

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